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Frequently asked questions

Q: When I push the Get Messages button it says, "Connecting" and then sits for a second, and then quits

See the next answer.

Q: Mail Extractor doesn't download my messages, although it does connect to my mail server.

You might have previously downloaded your messages with your email client (Outlook Express, Netscape Messanger, etc.) and it deleted them from your mail server. Mail Extractor only downloads messages that reside on mail server, not in your mail client. For more detailed description, see Configuring in the User Guide.

Q: Does Mail Extractor work with AOL, MSN, or Hotmail?

Yes. However, AOL users need to have the Enetbot software from Hotmail users need to have the free Hotmail Popper software from

Q: I receive Amazon messages on my Yahoo, but messages on my AT&T email account. Can I use both of this email accounts in Mail Extractor simultaneously?

Yes. Mail Extractor supports two email accounts at a time. Press "1" or "2" in the Account Settings window to make the account active.

Q: When I try to send messages from Autoresponder, nothing happens, or I get an error warning.

Try checking or unchecking "My outgoing server requires authentication" in the Account Settings window, and then retry Autoresponder. Also, make sure that your email address in the same window corresponds with the SMTP (outgoing) server.

Q: Where do I go to customize my Autoresponder messages?

Open the Autoresponder and click on "Customize..." in the window's menu.

Q: I suddenly lost power supply while downloading messages, and I now can't open Mail Extractor Plus.

This is due to corruption of the underlaying database. To fix the issue, use RepairME+ utility which has been installed on your computer together with Mail Extractor Plus. You can find it in you Start -> Programs -> Mail Extractor Plus folder. After repairing the tables, run Mail Extractor Plus. If ME+ still won't open, then please contact us.

Q: How to completely uninstall Mail Extractor Plus?

  1. Save a copy of the C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\MEP folder to a place (in case you need it later), and then delete the original folder.
  2. Delete the C:\Program Files (x86)\Mail Extractor Plus folder.
  3. Delete the MailExtractorPlus.INI file from C:\Windows folder (if there).
  4. Download the latest trial version of Mail Extractor Plus from (the trial version is fully functional with your serial number)
  5. Install Mail Extractor Plus.
  6. Run the program, and set your parameters as you have done it before (username, incoming server, extraction parameters, etc.)
If you still encounter problems after this, then the problem might be due to an error in your operating system installation. If so, please try to reinstall your operating system over the existing installation. The reinstallation will not corrupt any of your programs or data.

Q: When I click on Get Messages, I get an error with the following number: 11001

You have entered in the Account Settings window an erroneous incoming server (unexisting or unaccessible).

Q: When I click on Get Messages, I get an error with the following number: 171 or 311.

You have entered in the Account Settings window an incorrect username or password.

Q: Autoresponder stops sending messages after the 25th message, and I get "Error 421: Resources is not enough".

If you use Yahoo, just press again the "Send Messages" button. This interruption occurs because Yahoo tries to block SPAMs, and since you send a bigger number of messages at once, Yahoo regards it as if it is a SPAM (though it's not).

Q: I need to change my PayPal payments to a higher/lower level, because my inventory grows/decreases. How do I do this?

The last day before your next subscription period, go to your PayPal account, click on My Account, click on History and change "Show Box" to Subscriptions. Find and Cancel your subscription. Then subscribe again through our web site.