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Autoresponder is an excellent feature from which you can send your customers emails, nicely customized, with all the relevant shippment data. The email address from which Mail Extractor sends the emails is specified in the Configuration Settings window. Mail Extractor does not utilize any of your email programs to implement this, it does it using its internal email interfaces.   
To send massages to Autoresponder, press in the main window.

The Autoresponder window will open. Press the Generate Message button to generate emails.


There are three different email types in Autoresponder:

1.   Payment Received - to inform them that you received their order

2.   Order Shipped/Cancelled - to inform them about the shippment, Tracking ID, etc.

3.   Feedback Needed - to ask them for a feedback


The Order Shipped/Cancelled type consists of the two subtypes - Order Shipped, and Order Cancelled. Usage of the subtype is specified by the value of the STATUS field in the main window (SHIP or CANCEL). If you can't fulfill an order, just press SHIP, and it will switch to CANCEL.


The body of the email message is based on the custom template. There are four different custom templates one for the Payment Received emails, one for the Feedback Needed emails, one for the Order Shipped emails, and one for the Order Cancelled emails.


When sending the Order Shipped/Cancelled emails, the value of the STATUS field in the main window determines which of the two custom templates (Order Shipped, or Order Cancelled) will be used to generate the email content.


Logic of creating and using templates is the same as for the extraction templates (see the EXTRACTION PRINTING section). Click on Customize in the Autoresponder's menu to work with the templates. The main difference from the extraction templates is that you can't insert pictures, and format the fonts. This is because the emails are sent in the plain text format, so any formatting would be lost anyway).





Subject Prefix specifies the starting words of the email's subject for a given email type.


Subject Content specifies the data which should follow the subject prefix in the email subject. It can be either:

1)      Title of your item, or

2)      Order#



If the ordered item's title is Accounting, the Basis for Business Decisions  by Meigs, B.

and the subject prefix and content are as shown on the picture above, the resulting email subject will be: Amazon Order Received: Accounting, the Basis for Business Decisions  by Meigs, B.

When your customer receives his emails, he will see it in eg. Outlook Express as shown below.



Each of the templates has its own Subject Prefix and Subject Content!


To assign messages from the main window to Autoresponder, just hit the right ("Send") Autoresponder button.. To open Autoresponder without sending message to it (to see what's in it), hit the left button.

TEST MODE is useful when you want to send message to your own email address, to see how they actually look like in an email client. It is active by default. To turn the Test Mode off, just uncheck the check box.


There are three interesting yellow columns to the right of the upper panel P, S/C and F.

P is for the Payment Received message type

S/C is for the Order Shipped/Cancelled message type

F is for the Feedback Needed message type

When you send a message from Autoresponder, the appropriate field is filled with a red plus sign, indicating that you have sent the message of that type for that order.



The program comes with predesigned custom templates in the right panel, which you can edit as you like. Press Customize to open the template editor.

The words between < > are so called "tags". Each tag has a special meaning, which is understandable from its name. When generating messages in Autoresponder, the tag is being replaced by actual value of the tag, depending on the actual data in the generated email.

The easiest way to insert tags into the template is double clicking on them in the left panel, or pressing Enter.

There are also two additional tags in the menu DATE and TIME. Their actual value is the date and time value in the moment the message is generated.



Every change in the template is automatically stored.Click on the tabs above the right panel to select a template for a different message type (Payment Recevied, Order Shipped, etc).


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