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Backup Window

In Mail Extractor, Backup is actually your orders database. All your orders are automatically in the backup. You can move your orders from the main window if you press the "Backup All" button. Also, you can put any order to the backup if you press from the pop-up window (or pressing CTRL+H). Orders visible in the main window cannot be manipulated in the backup window, until they are put to the backup from the main window!



The "A" column is a counterpart of the "A" column in the main window. A green check mark in the "A" field means that the order is selected to be restored or deleted by "Restore All" or "Delete All" operations. To select an order, doublre click it, or press Space. To select or deselect all orders in the backup window, press "Select/Deselect All". The yellow columns are counterparts of the yellow columns in the Autoresponder.

The Message Filter narrows your view of the database to a specific time interval, so that you can browse or find your orders effortlessly.




This option is now enhanced. Searching is simultaneously performed in two following fields, and it is case insensitive:

- Order#
- Item (name)
- Shipping Address
- Buyer Email

As soon as the program finds the first occurance of the query string in any of the fields, it will bring up a window and show the order data using one of the extraction templates fom the main window. Change the extraction type in the pop-up window if you want to see the order extracted in a different way. This is very useful for users who don't use the Alternate or Invoice extraction at all. Now they can use it for reviewing their orders in searching.






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