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Description of Columns

There are ten different field columns in the main panel. Some of the fields are automatically filled in with data, while others are blank and will be filled later either automatically, or manually by you.



A this field is for "highlighting", "selecting", "activating".  It is checked by default for every new record. Every A-checked order is subject to Mail Extractor's operations, while unchecked orders are skipped. To deselect (uncheck) all orders, press the "Deselect All" button. To select (check) all orders, press the "Select All" button.


ORDER# - This  field contains the order number, as found in the email. To make better distinction, order numbers have different color for Marketplace, zShop, and, respectively.


SUBJECT This field contains the email Subject, showing only the interesting part. If you want to see the entire original subject with the prefix, uncheck Configuration -> Smart Subject. This field is the only field that streches with the window, allowing you to see the entire text. Anyway, you can position the mouse above it anytime, and you will see the entire subject in a yellow pop-up hint.


DELIVERED This field shows the delivery time of the message, ie. the time when the email reached your mail server.


STATUS Check this field if you must cancel the order. The purpose is for your own evidence, and to trigger Autoresponder - to send a different email to your customer than for the shipped orders. You can check or uncheck this field anytime without fear, because it does not run any specific operation. Sending emails from Autoresponder is explained later, and is a separated process.


SHIPPING (METHOD) This field is automatically filled in by the program itself. However, you can change its value anytime. During download, the program detects the shipping method selected in the email, and fills in the field according to the shipping method specified in Tools > Shipping Method Defaults. 

For standard orders you can choose between:

Media Mail and First Class Mail.

For expedited orders, you can choose between:

Priority Mail, First Class Mail, Flat Rate, UPS, FedEx, and DHL.

The default shiping method settings affect only orders yet to be downloaded.


WEIGHT Similar to the above, values of these fields can be specified in advance in the window which opens by clicking on Tools > Shipping Method Defaults. W(lb) filed is meant for ounds (lbs), while the second (right) field is for ounces (oz). The value of the field can be changed only manually.


TRACK #  (TRACKING ID) This field is very useful, and is filled in after printing the postage with Endicia's DAZzle. The option is possible only for Endicia Premium subscribers! The value of the field is the tracking number of the package which you send to your customer. It is a value generated by USPS, and transeffered back to Mail Extractor through DAZzle Designer using the XML protocol. You can edit this field and enter any value into it, but its primary purpose is as described above. You can send Tracking ID to your customer from Autoresponder. Moreover, you can send an automatically created web link (based on the Tracking ID) to the page where the customer can track his package.


MP means "My Price". This is a numerical field in which you can enter eg. your price of the book.


GROUP This field is very useful if you download and process orders more than once during a day. When you try to print from Mail Extractor, you will be prompted whether the program should automatically assign a group number to your orders, prior the actual printing. If you hit Yes, all the orders in the main window will be assigned a group in the following format, according to a current date: MM/DD/YY-@. Here MM stands for month, DD stands for date, YY is for year, and @ is a letter. The first group printed in one day will be assigned 'A' as a suffix letter. The next group during the day will have the same date, but will be 'B' assigned, etc. As soon as the date changes, the new group suffix will restart from 'A'. This will help you make a good distinction between your printouts. You can turn off this option in Configuration -> Prompt for Groups. You can easily restore entire groups from the Backup window, with a click of a button. Right click on a single message and restore entire group back to main panel of MailExtractor.



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