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How we use Mail Extractor Plus

We always start with no messages in the main window of Mail Extractor Plus. Backup All button will clear the main window and send all active orders to Backup window.
Get Orders button will download all orders from the mail server/fulfilment report. Once the download is complete, extraction process is performed.
We use Default extraction button for creating picking slip and later Invoice button for printing invoices. Alternate button is there in case you need a different set of data (all templates could be customized according to your needs, see: Extraction Options).
Print button will prompt a very important PRINTING GROUP window.
It is of utmost importance that you assign a group to all downloaded orders in the main window. This will allow you to later manipulate entire group (send and restore from Backup) and perform a certain operation for a paticular batch (like printing postage, sending notification e-mails etc).
Once the group is assigned and picking slip printed we pull books from the shelves (note: we print 2 copies of the picking slip). All books are pulled and packed in the order they appear on the picking slip.

For pulling books we use the first or master copy of the picking slip. We write down during this time all orders that need to be cancelled. Later, we issue refunds according to the master copy.

During the packing process, we cut the second copy of the picking slip and temporarly affix it to the package with a small piece of tape (some sellers write down the buyer's name on the package instead).
It is important to mention that special fonts for expedited mail, international orders and orders where quantity is greater >1, greatly facilitate the packing process.
Once all the books are packed, we weigh them and write the weight and shipping method (if different) on the master copy. Shipping method and weight could be defaulted (Tools->Shipping Method Defaults).
Now, only thing left is to enter the weight and shipping method (where different-for instance Flat Priority and First Class) into Mail Extractor Plus. Using the master copy this process is fast and easy.
Don't forget to deactivate (uncheck) 'A' field for cancelled orders (cancelled orders should be clearly marked on the master copy).
This is a good time to make requested change of address in Mail Extractor (we first write down all changes on the master copy, then make changes in the Address field tab).
USPS Compare compares price between Media Mail and Bound Printed Matter (essentialy the same shipping methods often with different price).
The next step would be to send all the orders to Dazzle XML Communicator.
Verify addresses and print the postage. Every time address is changed or edited, Verification of ALL addresses needs to be performed.
Import Output Results button will import delivery confirmation numbers back to Mail Extractor Plus. At this point Dazzle XML window will close. From the main window all orders are sent to Autoresponder. Remember to activate cancelled orders prior to sending everything to Autoresponder.
Mail Extractor Plus will send appropriate message according to the Status field (SHIP/CANCEL).
Genereate Messages action needs to be performed first.
Autoresponder will close once all messages are sent. If autoresponder stops sending messages, you may need to right click on the first message and remove it. Click on Send button to continue sending messages.
At the end of the process, we Backup All messages from the main window into a Backup window.
Now, we're ready for another download.

Printed postage labels are in the same order as packed books. We double check to make sure names are the same on the label and temporarly affixed cutout from the second copy of the picking slip. Depending on your printer you may need to reverse page order of picking slip and/or postage labels.

Backuped messages could be easily restored from the Backup window to the Main window of Mail Extractor Plus. Simply click on Show Backup button, find only one message from the group that you want to restore, right click and select 'Restore Group DD/MM/YY-@'. Entire group will now be restored to the main window.
This is extremely usefull if you're printing a few batches a day. You can download and print a second or third batch and then go back to do postage for the first batch of messages. You can also restore all messages from a month ago and request a feedback by sending them all to Autoresponder.




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