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Creating Modify/Delete Files

This feature enables you to keep your inventories up-to-date after importing new orders. The program uses data from the local inventory in Mail Extractor to create the files. Whenever you import an order, it updates the Quantity field in the local inventory for the sold items. So you need you need to update the Quantity field on the other two sites. The program creates modify files only for the orders currently appearing in the main window.



The program will offer you either to automatically upload the file to the site, or just to create it, so that you can save it on hard disk, and then manually upload as you like.
Whichever action of the five you choose, the file is anyway created and saved as one of the following:

- C:\Program Files\Common Files\MEP\LastAmazonModify.txt
- C:\Program Files\Common Files\MEP\LastAmazonUK_Modify.txt
- C:\Program Files\Common Files\MEP\LastHalfModify.txt
- C:\Program Files\Common Files\MEP\LasteBayModify.txt
- C:\Program Files\Common Files\MEP\LastAlibris_Modify.txt


After uploading eBay modify file, the eBay result file with eBay ItemID's must be downloaded and imported in Inventory Manager, just as you do after uploading your items to eBay. The file will be generated on eBay File Exchange website after some time. This is essential to keep your eBay items consistent in your local database.

Important: When sending 2 or more files to, wait at least one minute between file creation... otherwise, the file names are going to be identical and will replace/cancel each other.


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