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Saving the Data & Repairing

Mail Extractor Plus keeps its database files in "C:\Program Files\Common Files\MEP".
There are three database files:

- Data.ebd
- Settings.edb
- Inventory.edb

Data.edb contains your orders data, and the Address Book.
Settings.edb keeps all your settings (extraction and Autoresponder templates, some temporary data, etc)
Inventory.edb is your local database (items imported from Amazon Open Listings Report and Inventory Loader files)

You can explicitly create a safe copy of the database files anytime if you press the "Save Back-up To" button, and select a different folder where the files are to be copied.

Anyway, Mail Extractor automatically creates safe copies anytime you close the program. They are created in "C:\Program Files\Common Files\MEP Backup". You can cancel it when prompted, but it is recommended that you accept the offer. If accepted, the program will create the copies and name them as "yyyy-mm-dd hh.nn-Settings.edb", where "yyyy" is the current year, "mm" is the month, and "dd" is the date. "hh" is the hour, and "nn" is the minute of the creation.

The files are saved and deleted cyclically, and the program always keeps maximum of four different backup copies of each database files. In other words, when it attempts to create the fifth copy of a backup file, it will delete the oldest copy of the file, and then create the new copy. Thus you can't have more than file copies. This is to avoid unnecessary piling, and at the same time to have more than safe backup.


RepairME+ is a program utility, installed together with Mail Extractor Plus. It can repair your database if you experience problems using the program. Prior to use it, you should close Mail Extractor Plus.
However, if the utility does not help, you can restore your database from the latest safe copy.
It can be either the one you created explicitly, or one of the four backups which the program automatically creates when closing. Here's how to restore your database files from the automatic backup:

1. Close Mail Extractor Plus
2. Create a copy of "C:\Program Files\Common Files\MEP".
3. Delete Data.ebd, Settings.edb, and Inventory.edb from the original "C:\Program Files\Common Files\MEP" folder.
4. Copy the latest files from "C:\Program Files\Common Files\MEP Backup" to the new "C:\Program Files\Common Files\MEP" folder. The newest files are easy to find due to the date-signed name.
5. Run the program, and check if it contains the latest data before the problem occured.
6. If the problem still persists, try with the


If you can't take advantage of your backup files, you can start a new database. All you need to do is rename "C:\Program Files\Common Files\MEP" to any other name, and install the latest version of the program, which will create new database files, and you will be able to use your program again.


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